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Producer (Agent/Broker) Search

The results from this search will provided the following information for individual Producers (Agents/Brokers): Name, License Number, License Status, Business Street Address, Zip Code, Business Phone Number, and any Disciplinary Orders issued by the Maryland Insurance Administration.

Note: This search may ONLY provide results for those individual Producers (Agents/Brokers) that have disciplinary Orders issued by the Maryland Insurance Administration. The information in this search may not reflect the most current demographic and license status available .You may use the SBS Licensee Look-up Tool to get the most current license status and other basic license information.

First Name   Middle Name   Last Name   LICENSE #    Business Street Address   Zip Code   Phone

First Name Middle Name Last Name Status LICENSE # Business Street Address Business Zip Code Business Phone Number More Info

* Note: The System displays up to 3000 records at a time. If you cannot find the information you are looking for, we suggest narrowing your search.

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