Disaster Contacts

In January of each year, all Insurers and Premium Finance Companies (refer to section in bold below listing the licensee’s that need to provide disaster contact data) are issued a bulletin that directs them to the MIA’s website to add or update their Disaster Contacts. Current process is that all Insurers and Premium Finance Companies access the MIA website to download the required form (Excel Spreadsheet), fill out the information on spreadsheet and email the completed form to ceau.mia@maryland.gov. CEAU then enters the information into an Access Database. All Insurers and Premium Finance Companies are also supposed to contact CEAU to update disaster contact information any time this information changes, throughout the year. The bulletin is a reminder to update this information prior to Hurricane season. Even if the disaster contact information does not change, the Insurers and Premium Finance Companies need to validate their contact information with the MIA between January 15th and April 15th of each year.

Pursuant to §2-115 of the Maryland Insurance Article and COMAR, all insurers, non-profit health service plans, and dental plan organizations authorized to issue insurance contracts that provide health insurance, life insurance, property insurance, or casualty insurance in Maryland; health maintenance organizations licensed to operate in Maryland; the Maryland Automobile Insurance Fund; the Joint Insurance Association; the Injured Workers Insurance Fund; the Maryland Health Insurance Plan; and premium finance companies shall provide the information requested below to the Maryland Insurance Administration by close of business April 15th.

This information is currently sent to the attention of Joy Hatchette, Associate Commissioner (at Maryland Insurance Administration, 200 Saint Paul Place, Suite 2700, Baltimore, MD 21202; or by fax to (410) 468-2430, email to ceau.mia@maryland.gov) and must be submitted by using the online form. The same person may be listed for more than one contact. Either the primary or back-up contact must be available to answer questions during evenings or weekends. The company is responsible for immediately notifying the Maryland Insurance Administration of any changes to any of the contact information.