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Document Category Division Name

First NameLast NameDocumentStatusDocument Signed DateDivision NameDocument CategoryMore Info
BrandiBridgett MIA-2020-06-009 Suspended 03/16/2021 Enforcement Order More Info
SuzanneSmith MIA-2019-05-006 Revoked 03/12/2021 Enforcement Order More Info
RichardDipippo MIA-2019-02-021 Suspended 02/24/2021 Enforcement Order More Info
WILLIAMHOLLINGSWORTH MIA-2021-02-034 Active 02/24/2021 CE Licensing Compliance Order More Info
DavidPace MIA-2019-08-003 Revoked 02/05/2021 Enforcement Order More Info
SIGFRIEDBATOULA MIA-2020-06-034 Revoked 02/04/2021 Office of the Commissioner Order More Info
TorinoBoney MIA-2020-04-021 Inactive 01/06/2021 Enforcement Order More Info
SHAWNCONLEY MIA-2020-12-017 Active 12/23/2020 Enforcement Order More Info
TyYoung MIA-2020-06-026 Active 12/23/2020 Enforcement Order More Info
ElaineLefevre MIA-2019-11-037 Inactive 11/05/2020 Enforcement Order More Info
MIESHABOOTH MIA-2020-04-003 Active 11/02/2020 Office of the Commissioner Order More Info
MarisolJohnson MIA-2020-06-011 Active 11/02/2020 Complaints PC Order More Info
GORDONDEMPSEY MIA-2020-10-026 Revoked 10/28/2020 Enforcement Order More Info
BRITTANYLIVERS MIA-2019-10-040 Active 10/14/2020 Enforcement Order More Info
SEEMATARA MIA-2020-03-015/016 Active 10/09/2020 Enforcement Order More Info

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