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Company NameDocument NameStatusDocument Signed DateDivision NameDocument CategoryMore Info
BAYVIEW TITLE LLC MIA-2021-10-041 Active 10/28/2021 Enforcement Order More Info
ROYAL PUBLIC ADJUSTERS, LLC MIA-2021-02-023 Suspended 10/22/2021 Enforcement Order More Info
HAWAII MAINLAND ADMINISTRATORS LLC MIA-2021-10-029 Active 10/19/2021 LH Market Conduct Order More Info
MEDIGAP HEALTHCARE INSURANCE COMPANY, LLC DBA T65 HEALTHCARE MIA-2021-10-026 Revoked 10/19/2021 Enforcement Order More Info
UNITED INSURANCE LLC MIA-2021-08-012 Revoked 08/18/2021 Enforcement Order More Info
AA DEPENDABLE BAIL BONDS, L.L.C. MIA-2019-08-006 Expired 04/21/2021 Enforcement Order More Info
AE&A INSURANCE SVCS GROUP, LLC MIA-2019-11-007 Active 04/20/2021 Complaints PC Order More Info
ABSOLUTE BAIL BONDS MIA-2019-05-006 Revoked 03/12/2021 Enforcement Order More Info
Pace Thomas Benefit Services, Inc. MIA-2019-08-004 Revoked 02/05/2021 Enforcement Order More Info
YOUNG FINANCIAL PARTNERS MIA-2020-06-028 Active 12/23/2020 Enforcement Order More Info
TY J YOUNG INC MIA-2020-06-027 Active 12/23/2020 Enforcement Order More Info
ALIERA HEALTHCARE INC MIA-2020-02-025 Cancelled 10/28/2020 LH Market Conduct Order More Info
Djamon Insurance Agency Inc MIA-2020-05-032 Active 10/06/2020 Complaints PC Order More Info
WORLD WIDE LAND TRANSFER INC MIA-2020-09-001 Active 09/01/2020 Enforcement Order More Info
AMERICAN INS ORGANIZATION LLC MIA-2020-04-010 Active 08/21/2020 Enforcement Order More Info

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